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Who the course is aimed at: Anyone wanting to learn about using version control tracking changes and effective collaboration on their projects.

Date: 8-9 May 2024 (12:00-16:00 on Day 1 and 10:00 -14:00 on Day 2)

Location: Online (Zoom)

Requirements: No prior knowledge of the topics covered is required. Participants will need a recent version of GitKraken Client installed and a personal GitHub account. Full setup instructions will be provided prior to the course.


A formal version control system and following software development best practices has multiple benefits for academics. From tracking the evolution of a project, acting as backup, organising tasks, facilitating smoother review, discussion, and collaboration and increasing transparency to enabling use of more advanced tools like continuous integration for automatic testing of code integrity, formal version control has become a skill worth investing in in the current research environment.

In this course, we’ll introduce you to the most popular open source software for version control (Git), and the most popular platform for sharing and collaborating on projects online (GitHub) using a graphical interface to both (GitKraken Client). The course is designed to get researchers started with version control, demonstrate how to collaborate effectively as well as introduce version control best practices, as practised by research software engineering teams.


Highlights and Learning Outcomes


  • Understand what version control is, why it is useful in research, what tools are available and how they interact.
  • Be able to version control your own projects using git and share them remotely on GitHub.
  • Be able to create a simple webpage with markdown and share it through GitHub.
  • Be able to copy and make a contribution to someone else’s project.
  • Be able to set up, work with, contribute to and manage contributions to a team project.
  • Be able to review contributions by others and request changes.


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