I use a mac, will this course and the software used be suitable for me?

Definitely, all software and platforms we’ll be using is available for macOS.

Do I need to buy any software to do this course?

No, all software and platforms we'll be using are either open source or have free basic versions available.  

Will I be able to get individual feedback on my progress during the course?

Due to the nature of the course and its delivery, we will not be able to facilitate individual feedback. Having said that, we try to make sure that all participants are able to complete each step before proceeding.

How do I install GitKraken Client?

Full set up instructions can be found here.

How do I set up a GitHub account?

Full set up instructions can be found here. Also note that if you have an affiliation with an academic research institution, you are also eligible for a free PRO GitHub account.

I have some previous knowledge, will this course be suitable for me?

If you have experience with version control, materials covered on the first day will help solidify your understanding of basic version concepts and practices and provide you with the underpinning knowledge to move forward on day 2. Your experience might also be helpful to fellow participants. On the second day we cover much more intermediate concepts, realistic team workflows and best practice tips and tricks that should improve your practice and help maximise your use of the software/platforms. If in doubt, feel free to email us your questions at events@mba.ac.uk. 

Do I need to attend this course live or can I watch it after?

The course has a significant practical element to it which is best experienced live. In addition, the collaborative aspects of the training can only be completed live while interacting with fellow participants. So for the best learning experience, we strongly recommend attending live.

I can only attend for some of the course, can I catch up after?

While the course is split into 3 separate sections, each builds on lessons learnt in the previous ones. If you cannot attend early parts of the course, course materials will be available prior to the course making it possible to familiarise yourself with the topics missed prior to attending later sections. If you are likely to miss later sections, the course materials again provide step by step instruction on all the activities so it would be possible to catch up at a later date. Having said that, we find that the second day where we cover more realistic team collaboration scenarios are what participants find most useful and gain most from attending live.


What benefits will I get from attending this face-to-face online course compared to other courses available online?

The internet is full of available resources for learning version control on one’s own. However this can sometimes be a time consuming and frustrating process, especially with subject like version control which can be a bit confusing when first starting up.  Attending this course provides the opportunity to work with a highly experienced tutor and practitioner who can provide the context, details, tips and feedback that will help you to learn quickly and easily. The opportunity to ask questions will help address any confusions that might arise and the strong practical element of the course will help you put your learning into practice. 

During this course you will be exposed to realistic version control workflows and hands on collaboration with other participants, providing you with skills and experiences directly relevant to your work. The goal is to enable you to put your knowledge and skills of version control into practice to manage and collaborate on your projects more effectively, following completion of the course.   

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes, you will receive a downloadable pdf certificate upon competition of the course

Will all the course material be available to me?

You will be provided with all the course materials online before the course and will be able to access these after the course whenever you need to.  

Will I need to do any preparation in advance of the course?

There are some set up steps that you will need to complete prior to attending and full details will be provided in the weeks leading up to the course. While you will have access to the course material prior to the course there is no requirement to read these in advance.  

If I am unable to attend what is your cancellation policy?

If you need to cancel your place on a course please do this through MyMBA.  If you cancel a course or event booking more than 30 days before the start date of the event you are eligible to receive a full refund minus an admin fee equal to 5% of the course fee that you have paid.  If you cancel a course or event booking within 30 days of the start date you will NOT be eligible for a refund.  For more information please see the terms and conditions which are available on booking.