Join us for this year's Annual Science Talk either in person or online.  The Annual Science Talk is given by a prestigious marine biologist making incredible contributions to their field.  It follows the Marine Biological Association's Annual General Meeting (AGM) which is also being held at our main site, Plymouth.  If you are a Member, please consider making a day of it and attending both .

*Please note our in person spaces are limited. If all spaces are taken please still join us online!

a microscopic photography of a female Antarctic krill
© British Antarctic Survey Archives Female Antarctic krill – total length 6.5 cm


This year's speaker, Professor Geraint Tarling FMBA has been a biological oceanographer for over 25 years, and has carried out research at the National Oceanography Centre (Southampton), the Scottish Association for Marine Science and the British Antarctic Survey, where he now heads the Ecosystems programme.

Biology and management of Antarctic krill

Did you know that there are 130,000 Antarctic krill for every human and that krill can form swarms bigger than the area of central London. In this talk, Geraint will consider the fascinating biology of one of the most successful animals on the planet. Despite their success, they live in a fragile ecosystem that is changing rapidly. They are also the target of an expanding fishery that is receiving the increasing attention of environmental pressure groups. Immerse yourself in the science of biological oceanography and find out how to monitor stocks, disentangle foodwebs and reveal the importance of krill to global climate.

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