The Darwin Tree of Life Project sets out to sequence all of the eukaryotic species found in Britain and Ireland. With over 1000 genomes produced, the Marine Biological Association (MBA) is a key partner for the project, playing a major role in the sampling and provision of marine species.

Join Patrick and Rebekka from the MBA project team who have visited over 40 locations across the UK to find as many marine species as possible.  Discover how once the samples are collected and processed in the laboratory, they are sent to the Wellcome Sanger Institute and the Natural History Museum for genome sequencing. You will also get a chance to find out how you can use the data collected in the project for your own work or interest. 

To learn more, sign up now to this fantastic webinar, check out our news article here and explore The Darwin Tree of Life website.  To read more about the Darwin Tree of Life check out the article in The Marine Biologist Magazine July 2022 Edition page 8 available for Members via MyMBA or The Marine Biologist Podcast episode which features Kes from the Darwin Tree of Life here

Marine Biology Live

"Marine Biology Live" is a series of free, monthly, online talks organised by the Marine Biological Association.

Talks take place via Zoom and will cover a range of current marine biology topics by MBA Members, researchers and invited guests. Talks by our guests will be followed by a short Q&A session.

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