Welcome to the Marine Biological Association's Young Marine Biologist Club:

A Technical Career in Marine Biology

Feb 2024 ymb club

Attend this one-off session and remember to sign up each month for other interesting topics!

Join two members of the MBA's cell and molecular research group, Rob and Yousef, and get a behind the scenes glimpse into what it takes to keep a lab running and producing world-class research. As part of the technical team their role is crucial to assisting the research that is conducted in the labs. 

During the session they will share their experiences about the non-academic side of science, without which the academic side couldn't happen.


You'll get the opportunity to:

🥼 Ask all your questions

🥼 Take part in some fun, interactive activities based on the project

🥼 Meet other young marine biologists

🥼 Gain invaluable career advice


To catch up on the last YMB Club please check out the following resources:

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