Welcome to the Marine Biological Association's Young Marine Biologist Club:

Life on the Edge - Marine Animal Rescue and Research

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Attend this one-off session and remember to sign up each month for other interesting topics!

Stranded animals allow us the rare opportunity to dive beneath the waves and take a closer look at incredible species we would not otherwise see so close - all of which are indicators of marine health and change. The data collected from strandings gives us lots of information about the oceans and the species that inhabit them including the case study of Tally the Kemps Ridley Turtle.

The talk will provide an introduction to UK marine mammal biology and conservation before taking a more in depth look at some of the species rescued on UK coastlines. We will look at some research methods that can be put into practice on one of the Field Studies Council's Marine Science Camps and how you can help contribute towards citizen science projects.


You'll get the opportunity to:

🐢 Ask all your questions

🐢 Take part in some fun, interactive activities based on the project

🐢 Meet other young marine biologists

🐢 Gain invaluable career advice


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