Welcome to the Marine Biological Association's Young Marine Biologist Club:

Science communication workshop: make your own comic!


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🖋️ Attend a one-off session or take part monthly! 🖋️


Join Alan who specialises in distilling complex environmental topics into entertaining resources including comics to create your very own comic!

In this session, participants will attend a short presentation outlining some of the main principles of storytelling applied to science communication before pairing up or working individually to create their own 1-2 page comics about a relevant marine conservation topic.

The workshop will be delivered in a step-by-by step fashion and fully facilitated by Alan J. Hesse.

You don't need to be good at drawing or art to take part! This is just a fun workshop to allow you to work with creative techniques to communicate science. 



You'll get the opportunity to:

🖋️ Ask all your questions

🖋️ Create your own science-based comic page

🖋️ Meet other young marine biologists

🖋️ Gain invaluable career advice


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