Data is a central component of research, knowledge creation, and decision making and is collected to answer a question or test a hypothesis. However, moving beyond resolving our initial question or hypothesis, the impact that our data has increased exponentially when they become open for other people to find, access, integrate and reuse in conjunction with other data.

DASSH is a centre of excellence for the management of marine biological data. In our talk, we will share some key principles in data sharing, the need for standards to ensure interoperability of data globally, and how you can maximise your data’s potential to ensure that it has the greatest impact.


Marine Biology Live

"Marine Biology Live" is a series of free, monthly, online talks organised by the Marine Biological Association.

Talks take place via Zoom and will cover a range of current marine biology topics by MBA Members, researchers and invited guests. Talks by our guests will be followed by a short Q&A session.

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Introduction to programming in R