The MBA Postgraduate Conference is an initiative started in 2002 which aims to engage with, and make a contribution to, the marine biological post-graduate community.  It is run for and by postgraduate students and this highly successful conference not only provides a supportive environment for postgrads to share their work but also acts as a catalysis for networking and building collaborations that often last a lifetime!

I felt included and totally engaged. I especially enjoyed the interactive creative workshops around science communication which provided unique tips and tricks as a modern day academic. The conference was a safe space for young researchers to present their work and to connect with more senior academics and other likeminded researchers. The experience has made me more confident to present my own work in a conference style setting.

Dina-Leigh Simons

PhD student University of Liverpool

Each year a group of postgraduate students from an institute come together to form an organising committee and go on to create a unique event with support from the MBA.  This opportunity to gain experience of running a conference is a valuable opportunity for the selected committee and allows them to develop the skills, experience and confidence they wouldn’t otherwise get.

If you are a postgraduate student and would like to be considered to run an upcoming postgraduate conference please get in touch by emailing

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18th Postgraduate Conference at Liverpool John Moores University