Our ocean inspires all. Its life is wondrous, vastly undiscovered, and integral to sustained life on our planet. Understanding its complexity, from whole ecosystems to single-cell organisms, is vital if we are to tackle the biggest issues we face today.

As the voice for marine biology, we have a responsibility to address some of the most challenging issues our ocean and society face today. We are all dependent on the health of our ocean, and understanding it is key. This is why we have launched our Ocean Inspired Campaign. We've set our ambitions high and aim to raise significant funds that will support and drive vital research and understanding of our ocean and the life it supports, over the next decade; the Ocean Decade. 

Be inspirational and support our Ocean Inspired Campaign today!

We need you to enable us to continue our world class research, ensure marine biology is accessible for all, inspire young people to respect, and protect our ocean, and make marine biology a realistic career destination choice. 

As part of our ocean inspired campaign, we have developed a range of funds designed to address inequality, inspire young people, support excellence, drive innovation and more. If you prefer, you can also request to direct your donation to where it can make the greatest impact, or help address areas most in need of support. 

Please do something truly inspirational today and support our ocean inspired campaign!