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The following form is for applicants to demonstrate that they are meeting the criteria of being “senior practitioners in marine biology”.  You should provide a brief personal statement describing why you should be considered for election to the category of Fellow of the MBA followed by a summary of your contribution to the field of marine biology in relation to your area (s) of expertise. The type of areas of expertise you may wish to consider are listed below and we would expect you to cover one or more of these areas.

The areas of expertise include: Teaching (primary, secondary, tertiary, post-graduate supervision etc.); Research (please note that if this is the only category for consideration, then we would expect research output equivalent to a university Reader or Professor); Policy and government; Consultancy (incl. contracts and reports); Advocacy (e.g. NGOs); Communications and outreach; Society and volunteer contributions; Contributions to relevant learned / professional societies, including editorial work with journals; any other areas not included in this list. You may also wish to note any recognition and awards.

Please keep your application brief using only the space provided: a supporting summary CV (not more than 1 page), listing further information that you consider relevant, should also be provided. Please note that it is expected that an MBA Fellow will be expected to have been contributing to the field of marine biology for at least 10 years.