Welcome to the Marine Biological Association's Young Marine Biologist Club:

Valuable yet Vulnerable - The Shark Trust

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Attend this one-off session and remember to sign up each month for other interesting topics!

Join two key representatives from The Shark Trust as they take you on a journey through the world of shark conservation and the ways in which you can get involved! Not only will this talk give you the most up-to-date information on the current state of sharks but also key information on the different citizen science projects and other opportunities available. 

There will be time near the end of the session to ask Hettie and Mark career questions and advice on how they got their amazing jobs protecting sharks, skates and rays. 

The Shark Trust is a founding member of the Shark Alliance with a mission to enable the safeguarding of future sharks through 'science, education, influence and action'. Some of their work also encompasses skates, rays and chimaera which are close relatives to sharks. To find out more book onto this club now and bring along your burning questions. 


You'll get the opportunity to:

🦈 Ask all your questions

🦈 Take part in some fun, interactive activities based on the project

🦈 Meet other young marine biologists

🦈 Gain invaluable career advice


To catch up on the last YMB Club please check out the following resources:

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You can also hear from Jack Renwick at the Shark Trust who joined us for our career panel club in November 2023. 

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