As the UK's Learned Society for marine biology, we are proud to be able to provide financial support to our student and early career members, by way of bursaries to aid attendance at conferences, workshops and networking events where perhaps a poster or oral presentation is given. The main purpose of the funding is supporting academic advancement and knowledge-transfer. For the past two decades, the Association has provided bursaries to 100s of students from all backgrounds and demographics, enabling them to attend events all over the globe.   Membership categories eligible to apply are Students, Postgraduates and Newly Qualified members. 

Bursary amounts awarded: 
There will be one award for up to £500 and one up to £250 at each bursary round. There are 3 rounds per year.

We accept bursary applications at any time and these are considered by our selection committee and allocated at 3 times throughout the year, please see below for deadlines and indicative outcome periods.  

Deadline Thursday 22 February at noon (12:00 midday).  CLOSED
Outcome Week commencing 04 March 2024

Deadline Wednesday 01 May at noon (12:00 midday).  OPEN
Outcome Week commencing 13 May 2024

Deadline Monday 02 September at noon (12:00 midday). 
Outcome Week commencing 16 September 2024

Acknowledgement of safe receipt of application will be provided.  If you do not receive an automated acknowledgement of safe receipt of your application, please email the office for confirmation.  Outcome of application will be notified to all (both successful and unsuccessful).

If you wish to amend a submitted application or provide an update (e.g. poster/presentation now confirmed), you can do so right up until the deadline.  Please just email the office:

Applications will be assessed by the Association.  Successful recipients will be asked to acknowledge the MBA’s support on any posters or presentations, in any social media post relating to the event, and produce a short report outlining how they benefited from attending their training/event, including providing a photo.  Transfer of funds can be expected within a few weeks of being notified of the award, but can be made available sooner on request.

  • The report may  be used on the MBA website, in publications such as The Marine Biologist, Annual Report, or on social media.

The selection committee will look for several criteria; the type of event being run;  the purpose;  plans for knowledge-transfer and whether poster/oral presenations are planned; how the applicant will benefit from attending; what difference it will make to the applicant. The MBA will aim to help remove barriers for those most in need. 

Enquires preceding application may be sent to: 

Student Member Louise Mercer said:

Support from the MBA to attend Arctic Science Summit Week in Vienna has opened the door for many conversations and potential collaborative opportunities that I am very thankful for. It opened my eyes to new ways of working and new research contexts. It gave me a better understanding of the role of standardization in research and the challenges that arise when attempting to inform policy.


Please note you need to be a student, postgraduate or newly qualified Member of the Marine Biological Association to apply. If you are a Member please make sure you are logged in by clicking here.