The Microelectrode Techniques for Cell Physiology Workshop serves an essential function in providing postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers with both hands-on and theoretical training in electrophysiological and associated techniques. There is an increasing need for these skills for functional characterization of a wide range of cell biological processes. The Microelectode Techniques for Cell Physiology workshop has been running annually since 1984 without interruption apart from during recent Covid restrictions. The Workshop provides intensive training in the use of microelectrode-related and optical techniques for the next generation of researchers in cell biology and biophysics and attracts national and international participation of postgraduate, postdoctoral and experienced researchers. The workshop provides both practical instruction and techniques-based lectures delivered by experts in their particular fields of research. Major commercial developers generously provide state of the art electrophysiological and microscopy equipment.

Topics Include 

  • Electronics
  • Voltage clamp
  • Slice recording
  • Patch clamp
  • Ion-sensitive electrodes
  • Intracellular injection
  • Fluorescent indicators
  • Microscopy and optics
Plus demonstrations and talks on a wider range of techniques.


‘Microelectrode Techniques - The Plymouth Workshop Handbook' Second Edition 1994 is available for download as a pdf from 


Staff including:

B. Potter, B. Barbour, B.Amos, C. Courtice, M. Beato, A. Blot, J. Bradley, S. Brennan C. Brownlee,
A. Chrachri, N. Emptage, A. Gibb, D. Jagger, S. Keshavarzi, K. Torok, M, Lenz, S. Pitt, S. Brennan, J.Zorilla 
S. Lilley, C. Magnus, V. Marra, V. Piotrowski, R. Rainbow, J. Robbins, S. Schorge, R. Taylor, M. Thomas, L. Vargova, J. Voipio, B, Potter,


Thank you to our sponsors: 

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Please note there is an application process for this course after which sucessful candidates will be invited to book their space.  For any questions please contact


Course fee, inclusive of B & B accomodation: £1650

Any queries please email

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